Introduction to Industrial Refrigeration
Prevent Refrigerant Migration – Short 107
Internal vs. Externally Equalized Valves – Short 106
Weird Transformer Talk
Service Valve Tips – Short 105
Custom Performance Home w/ Spohn
Bert’s Top Soft Skills Tips
Gas Furnace Diagnosis & Inspection w/Jim Bergmann
Refrigeration Scroll Compressors
Pitot vs. Static Pressure Probe – Short 104
Balancing Evaporators in a Circuit Using the TXV
Mass Flow vs. Volume Flow – Short 103
Freezing Evaporator Fun Facts and Frippery
Heat Pumps in Cold Climates
Open vs. Closed Refrigeration – Short 102
Drain Cleaning – More To It Than We Think
Single Phase v Two Phase Refrigeration – Short 101
Changing Refrigerant Regulations w/ Bluon
Demand Cooling + Liquid and Vapor Injection
Intro to CO2 w/ Don Gillis
Building Performance QA with Sam Myers
What is Correct Airflow?
Small Refrigeration Talk
Single Pole Contactors & Crankcase Heaters
Electronic Expansion Valves
Introduction to CoreSense
How to Get The Most From Online Education
Preventing and Troubleshooting Compressor Issues
Suction Line Temperature – Short #100
Duct Installation Best Practices
Compressor Overheating – Short #99
Troubleshooting & Commissioning Q&A
Advanced Fresh Air w/ CERV2
Combustion Analyzer Facts and Mistakes
Advice on Starting an HVAC/R Career – Short #98
Air Flow Hood Considerations w/ Dwyer
3D Duct Modeling For Residential
How to Effectively Choose and Use Test Instruments
Going Deep on IAQ Sensors and Instruments
VRF and VRV Piping and Installation Overview
Time Management for HVAC Techs
Suction Line Traps – Short #97
Preventing and Overcoming Price Objections – Short #96
Disappearing Latent Capacity – Short #95
Demand Cooling in Low Temp R22 w/ Jeremy Smith
Low Voltage Electrical Basics
Impacts of Compression Changes – Short #94
Superheat and Subcooling Basics
Psychrometric Basics
A Huge Pricing Mistake – Short #93
A Frank UV discussion w/ Ron Saunders from Fresh-Aire UV
Q&A with Richard, Ross and Evan Trethewey
Blower Doors ACH50 vs. Natural Infiltration
Keeping your Scruples when Selling IAQ – Short #92
Real Indoor Air Quality w/ Nikki from UltraAire
Manometers – Short #91
Is The Future of Air Conditioning Self Contained Propane Chillers?
Filter + Fan = IAQ Revolution
The Inverter Voltage Problem – Short #90
Testing A/C Vitals w/ Jim Bergmann
Short #89 – Liquid Line Temperature
Viruses, Bacteria and Fungus #LIVE
Short #88 – Science vs. What Works
New Business Processes #LIVE
A Groundbreaking Motor Technology
Refrigerant Management Strategies w/ Rick Roland
New Refrigerants from Honeywell
EPA Myths and recovery Best Practices #LIVE
News from NATE w/ Gurminder
HVAC Design Mythbusting #LIVE
Mentors and Role Models w/ Andrew Greaves
AHR 2020 Roundup from the Floor
Building Performance Round Table
Live w/ Mike from Refrigeration Technologies
Richard w/ This Old House Shares His Story
Micron Gauges – Products by Pros
Connecting Stem and HVAC w/ Rachel Kaiser
Short #87 – Our Install Reminders
Reversing Valve Diagnosis & Replacement w/ Kaleb
Short #86 – Hoodwinked
Pool Heater Talk #LIVE
R290 Facts and Service w/ True Refrigeration
Short #85 – Low Voltage, Low Voltage
Codes and Failed Inspections #LIVE
Mixed Air Temperature w/ David Richardson
Short #84 – Power Passing vs. Consuming
Impactful HVAC/R Instruction
Short #83 – Practical Safety Improvements
Descaling Large Equipment
Short #82 – Brazing Temperature
Heat Pumps, Charging & Defrost #LIVE
Short #81 – Air vs. Nitrogen vs. Oxygen
Inverter Driven Systems & Over-Voltage #LIVE
High Efficiency Gas Furnaces, Common Issues w/ Jim Bergmann
Short #80 – 3 Differences Between Followers and Leaders
Ductless and VRF – Good, Bad & Ugly #LIVE
Floating Head w/Jamie Kitchen
Short #79 – Circuit Breaker Facts
The Lost Art of Steam – Revisited
What Makes a White Shirt Tech #LIVE
Callback Prevention Principles
Short #78 – 7 Tips for Newbies
Why is a Power Quality Meter Useful? w/ Jim Bergmann
Short #77 – What Causes Capacitors to Fail
Commercial PM Best Practices #LIVE
The Skills Gap and Training #LIVE
Who is Responsible for Proper Sizing?
Short #76 – The Freon Sniffer (A True Story)
How to Use a Combustion Analyzer w/ Jim Bergmann
Short #75 – Stop Duct & Unit Sweating
Stop Designing Ducts Backwards w/ Alex Meaney
Short #74 – So You Wanna Start a Business Eh?
The Dangers of Like for Like Tonnage
Gauges, Probes & NIST #LIVE
Short #73 – Ambient CO
Geothermal System Considerations w/ Michael Housh
Short #72 – Vapor Diffusion
Difficult Customers #LIVE
Refrigeraton Case Controllers w/ Sporlan
Short #71 – Brazing, Is Patching OK?
Grocery Refrigeration Talk #LIVE
Manual J Battle with Ed and Nathan
Short #70 – Is Testing Capacitors Under Load Better?
ECM Motors A-Z w/ Eric Kaiser
Refrigerants to Replace R22 #Live
Short #69 – Trap & Vent
Home IAQ w/ Jim Bergmann #Live
How to Charge an AC
Short #68 – Electromagnetism & The Aether
Moisture & Humidity Problems #Live
Short #67 – Defrost Termination and Failsafe
Acid and Contaminants Testing w/ John Pastorello
Short #66 – Water in My Tools!
Special Episode – The SpeedClean Story
Crazy Filter Drier Ideas w/ Eric Mele
Short #65 – Is R22 Becoming Illegal
Study to Test vs. Study to Apply w/ Eric Kaiser
Short #64 – Diagnostic Duct Design
Ceiling Cassettes w/ Eric Mele
Short #63 – I’ve Been Doing This 30 Years
Make up air W/ Devin Skipper
Short #62 – Impacts of Variable & Staged Compression
Effects of Dewpoint on Coil TD and More MQ Updates w/ Jim B
Short #61 – EPR vs. CDS Valves
Blends and Midpoint w/ Jim Bergmann
Short #60 – How Cold Should it Get Inside?
Suction Pressure in Market Refrigeration
Short #59 – Low Static Can Be Bad
Can a Residential Tech Transistion to Market Refrigeration?
Short #58 – A Fair Price
Preventing and Mitigating Legionnaires’ disease
Short #57 – Ductless Cleaning Guide
A Peek Behind The Curtain w/ Andrew Greaves
Short #56 – Bypass Factor
Women in HVAC/R
Short #55 – Vacuum Pump Maintenance
AirFlow Testing as a Customer Service Tool (Podcast)
Short #54 – Sunk (Podcast)
Residential Air Balancing & Flow Hoods (Podcast)
Short #53 – Brazing Steel (Podcast)
Leak Detection w John Pastorello (Podcast)
Short #52 – Enthalpy (Podcast)
Hybrid Boiler Plants w Jim Devlin (Podcast)
Short #51 – Separate Gauges (Podcast)
Parking BTUs with Buffer Tanks (Part 1 & 2)
Short #50 – Oil (Podcast)
Recovery Best Practices w/ NAVAC (Podcast)
Short #49 – VA vs. Watts (Podcast)
System Oversizing & Independent Consulting w/ Genry Garcia (Podcast)
Short #48 – Drains (Podcast)
Can Manufacturers Specs Be a Crutch? (Podcast)
Short #47 – Solar (Podcast)
Work-Life Balance, Real Talk w/ Bert (Podcast)
Short #46 – Surge Protection (Podcast)
Intro to Boilers & Radiators w/ Moe Hirsch (Podcast)
Short #45 – OEM Parts (Podcast)
Controlling Humidity For All Climates (Podcast)
Short #44 – Myth – Time as a Tech Equals Pay (Podcast)
Special – Soft Skills Top Tips w/ Andy Holt (Podcast)
Chiller and Cooling Tower Cleaning w/ Goodway (Podcast)
Short #43 – Is IAQ a Joke? (Podcast)
Propane Refrigerant – A Tech Perspective w/ Chris Stephens (Podcast)
Short #42 – Myth – Flame Rods (Podcast)
Installing Central Air From Scratch w/ Eric Mele (Podcast)
Short #41 – Context in Education (Podcast)
VRF/VRV Design w/ Jordan Cummings (Podcast)
Short #40 – Specifically Relative (Podcast)
R290 (Propane), What you need to know w/ Embraco (Podcast)
Short #39 – Tricky Amperages (Podcast)
Beacon 2 Refrigeration Talk Through (Podcast)
Short #38 – Low Ambient Cooling (Podcast)
VRF in Real Life w/ John Oaks (Podcast)
Short #37 – The Trade Skills Gap a Manifesto (Podcast)
Furnace Sequence Of Operation (Podcast)
Short #36 – Stack Effect (Podcast)
The Future of App Based Diagnosis w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
Short #35 – Resolution, Precision & Accuracy (Podcast)
Ventilation w/ John Semmelhack (Podcast)
Gas & Combustion Tools w/ Bill Spohn (Podcast)
Short #34 – Heat Pumps (Podcast)
EPA Regulation Uncertainty w/ Jason Obrzut (Podcast)
Short #33 AMA – Business Tips (Podcast)
AMA#1 – State of the HVAC School Union (Podcast)
Short #32 – “It’s Undersized” (Podcast)
Short #31 – U-Factor and R-Value (Podcast)
Friction Rate and Duct Design w/ Dr. Bailes (Podcast)
Critical and Triple Point w/ Rusty Walker (Podcast)
Short #30 – Braze or Solder Anything (Podcast)
Hot Gas Reheat Dehumidification w/ Eric Mele (Podcast)
Short #29 – 3 Quick Tips to Level Up Overnight (Podcast)
Combustion Analysis w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
Short #28 – The Magic Heat Absorber (Podcast)
Do you even CAZ test? w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
Short #27 – Commissioning Mindset (Podcast)
3 Flavors of CO2 w/ Rusty Walker (Podcast)
Short #26 – Temperature Mistakes (Podcast)
Analog & Digital Manifolds w/ James Bowman (Podcast)
Short #25 – A Costly Screwup (Podcast)
Are Refrigerant Additives OK? (Podcast)
Short #24 – Hard vs. Soft Copper (Podcast)
How to Make a Flare That Won’t Leak (Podcast)
Chilled Water Air Handlers (Podcast)
Short #23 – Intangible Soft Skills (Podcast)
Refrigeration Temperature Controls w/ Chris Stephens (Podcast)
Short #22 – Mineral & POE Oil (Podcast)
Short 21 – Leak Detectors (Podcast)
Vacuum Pump Basics w/ Kevan Mayer (Podcast)
Short #20 – Tips for Service Valves (Podcast)
Hard Shut Off TXVs (Podcast)
Short 19 – Superheat, Evaporator vs. Compressor (Podcast)
Pulling a Vacuum 2.0 w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
Short 18 – Can You Freeze Water in a Vacuum? (Podcast)
What We Learn From HVAC/R Tradeschool (Podcast)
Short 17 – MicroChannel (Podcast)
Water Source – The Water Side w/ Eric Mele (Podcast)
Short 16 – Air Velocity is Useful (Podcast)
Intro to Water Source Heat Pumps w/ Eric Mele (Podcast)
Short 15 – Testing Capacitors, A Practical Approach (Podcast)
Seasons of HVAC (Podcast)
Short 14 – The Voltage Drop Tool (Podcast)
Commercial vs. Residential w/ AK HVAC (Podcast)
Short 13 – 3 things the condenser does (Podcast)
Short 12 – The First 4 Rules to Learn (Podcast)
Coil Cleaning with John Pastorello (Podcast)
Danfoss ERC213 Parameters Review (Podcast)
Short #11 – Superheat, The True Meaning (Podcast)
PCO Air Purification with Jon Bennert (Podcast)
Short #10 – Air Has Weight and Takes up Space (Podcast)
Special EP Inverter Equipment With Ralph Wolf (Podcast)
Basic Refrigerant Circuit Revisited (Podcast)
Making of a TV Show About Home Performance (Podcast)
Sealing Ducts From the Inside w Sean Harris (Podcast)
Short #9 – Commercial Maintenance (Podcast)
Air Filters, They are More Complex Than You Knew w/ Lee Andrews (Podcast)
How to Repair Aluminum Leaks (Podcast)
Short 8 Resistance Up, Amps Down (Podcast)
Universal Digital Refrigeration Controls and the Danfoss ERC 213 (Podcast)
Manifolds vs. Probes Battle w/ Adolfo Wurts (Podcast)
HVAC/R Conductor, Breaker and Fuse Selection (Podcast)
Humidity Talk w/ Johnathan Jones (Podcast)
Short #7 – A Moisture Problem (Podcast)
Short #6 – Energy Compared to What EP1 (Podcast)
Low Ambient, Condenser Flooding and Headmaster Valves Podcast Companion
Prevent Compressor Murder Part 1 & 2 w/ Emerson (Podcast)
Intro to Manual J & S w/ Jack Rise (Podcast)
Low Voltage Diagnosis Basics w/ Bill Johnson (Podcast)
Introduction to Walk-in Refrigeration (Podcast)
Short #5 – Wire Routing & Connection (Podcast)
Furnace Commissioning Part 2 w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
Short #4 – Blower Taps (Podcast)
Furnace Commissioning Part 1 w/ Jim Bergmann – Input / Rise (Podcast)
Short #3 – Saturation (Podcast)
Measuring Air For Techs (Podcast)
Short #2 – Delta T (Podcast)
Beating the Ego, Ignorance and Insecurity Monster w/ Andrew Greaves (Podcast)
Short #1 – Refrigerant Circuit Basics (Podcast)
Bi-Polar Ionization and IAQ w/ Jon Bennert (Podcast)
Reach In Refrigeration w/ Eric Mele (Podcast)
Defrost in Commercial Refrigeration w/ Dick Wirz (Podcast)
Bonus – What you missed at AHR w/ Bill Spohn (Podcast)
Intro to Pneumatic Controls w/ Jim Loring (Podcast)
Floating Suction and Head and Rack Refrigeration w/ Jeremy Smith (Podcast)
Dehumidification Settings and Wiring with the Ecobee thermostat (Podcast)
What it Takes to be an Excellent Residential Service Tech (Podcast)
What it Takes to be an Excellent Residential Service Tech (Podcast)
Special Episode – How to Get a Raise, Promotion or Bonus (Podcast)
Single Phase, 3 Phase and Split Phase Explained (Podcast)
Desiccant Dehumidification w/ Tom Peterson (Podcast)
Compression Ratio, Heat Pumps and More w/ Carter Stanfield (Podcast)
Using Volts and Ohms in Diagnosis (Podcast)
Variable Speed Motors and Why They Matter w/ Jamie Kitchen (Podcast)
Leak Free Systems w/ Bill Johnson (Podcast)
Furnaces – Introduction and History w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
Electrical Circuits Class (Podcast)
Electrical Basics, How and Why Electrons Move (Podcast)
The Duct We Tend to Forget w/ Joe Medosh (Podcast)
Ductless Maintenance Steps – Part 2 (Podcast)
Ductless Maintenance Steps – Part 1 (Podcast)
Run Capacitor Facts You May Not Know (Podcast)
Bonus – The Case for Tamper Resistant Caps w/ James Bowman (Podcast)
Economizer Basics w/ Jerry Eavenson (Podcast)
A Steam Heat Primer by Dan Holohan (Podcast)
The Lost Art of Steam Heating w/ Dan Holohan (PODCAST)
Bonus – The Spark Ranger (Podcast)
Electronic Expansion Valves (EEV) w/ Jamie Kitchen (Podcast)
(Bonus) HVAC/R Industry State of the Union (Podcast)
Filter Drier Basics w/ Chris Reeves
Nitrogen Pressures do Change with Temperature – the Basic Gas Laws (Podcast)
Bonus – Tips from a VRF Tech w Alex Figueroa (Podcast)
Ductless and VRF Diagnosis w John Chavez EP2 (Podcast)
Matter, Mass, Weight and Volume (Podcast)
Ductless and VRF Diagnosis w/ John Chavez EP1 (Podcast)
Bonus – Tech Communication and “PM Specials” w/ Frank Besednjak (Podcast)
The Basic Refrigeration Circuit, Pressure & Enthalpy w/ Carter Stanfield (Podcast)
Bonus – Leak Sealants and How They Work w/ James Bowman (Podcast)
Commercial Refrigeration for A/C Techs w/ Dick Wirz (Podcast)
Scales – The Episode You’ve been Weighting For (Podcast)
The Launch of a Revolutionary Software w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
Measuring Air flow Podcasts w/ Jim Bergmann
TXV Operation, Diagnosis and Failure w/ Jamie Kitchen (Podcast)
Common Duct Design Mistakes w/ Jack Rise (Podcast)
Why A/C Units Freeze w/ Eric Shidell (Podcast)
Blower Door Testing, Building Performance & More w/ Corbett Lunsford (Podcast)
Checking a Charge Without Gauges – Podcast
Evacuation 101 w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
When Will Techs Be Replaced By Robots? (Podcast)
Bill Spohn is the MAN(ometer) – 10 Years of TruTech Fun Podcast
Psychrometrics Basics w/ Jamie Kitchen Podcast
Measuring Voltage Drop w/ Jim Bergmann
Performing a Chiller Startup w/ Jeff Neiman Podcast
Hard Start Types and Applications Podcast
CO2 Introduction Podcast & Resources
EPA Section 608 Changes Every Tech and Contractor Needs to Know (Podcast)
The Residential Service Call Approach A-Z (Part 1 & 2)
Grounding and Bonding Myths Podcast
Ice Machines and Tech Support w/ Nick Messick
What Size Wire Does this Condenser REALLY Require
Engineers vs. Technicians (and win some awesome tools) w/ Bill Spohn
Ductless Installation Best Practices Podcasts Part 1 & 2
Combustion Basics w/ Benoit
Pumping Away & More w/ Dan Holohan (Podcast)
HVAC Business Best Practices Series (Podcast)
Test Instruments Past, Present & Future w/ Jim Bergmann
Condensing Temperature, Condenser Split and Subcool
Air Flow – Latent, Sensible, WB, DB, RH and Static
Hard Start Kits, Staybrite #8, Motor Ratings, AHR and Much More
Chillers for the Chillerphobic – Podcast
Leak Detection Best Practices
Recovery, Evacuation and Dehydration Facts Podcast
Building a Great HVAC Business w/ Bob Gee – Podcast
Combustion Analysis w/ Stephen Rardon – Podcast
Circuit Board Diagnosis Basics
Cutting Compressors, iManifold and Thermal Imaging w/ Ulises Palacios
Heat Pumps, Reversing Valves and Defrost Podcast
Relays, Sequencers, Transformers and Bad Metaphors
High Voltage A/C Electrical Class
How a TXV Works, and Why I Call it a CSV
The Basics of Moving Heat (Thermodynamics)
Solder Rings, Thermal Imaging and My Grouchy Brother
The Basic refrigeration Circuit
Diagnosis, Reconfirmation, Parts Changers and YOU
Basic Electrical Theory
The 5 Readings Every Tech Must Know Well
Diagnosing & Replacing a Compressor
Full System Diagnosis – There is More to Check
Flow Nitrogen Great Again
Refrigeration Tips For A/C Techs
Furnace Sequence of Operation
Preparing Non-Techs for a Southern Winter
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